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UI vs UX Design Difference: What to Pick for Web Design?

In this ever-growing world, a few debates will never settle. When we speak of arguments, UI vs UX Design will top the charts. UI stands for User Interface Design, while the other term UX stands for User Experience Design. Both are the imperative part of Web Design.

These terms are interchangeably used, but jotting down a definite answer can be a tough call. Hence, we have shared a few pointers which might help you distinguish between UX & UI Design. You can also enquire about web design on our website or by calling us on +1 (858) 800-8113.

What is UI Design?

UI, as stated earlier, is the User Interface Design. It is the appealing or aesthetic interface user interacts with a product or service. On the contrary, UX stands for user experience, developed by using] the product or service.

We have provided an elementary difference sheet of both terms i.e., UI and UX Design. Read out the information carefully and understand the interoperability of both of the terms.

UI (User Interface) 

UX (User Experience) 

It is the human first approach to the aesthetic experience of the product. 

It is the human-first approach to product design. 

It is used in physical & digital products. 

It is utilized in digital products only. 

UI is related to visually mentoring the user through a product’s interface by using interactive elements. 

UX design involves research, testing, development, content, and prototyping. 

UI is related to the appealing design & attributes utilized for interaction with the audience. 

UX is related to user experience and its fellow issues. 

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a UX Designer?

UI Designer is the one who is responsible for the aesthetic appearance and appealing elements of the product to grab the proper audience traction. They are responsible for showcasing a product in a way that compels and appeals to the audience. UI Designer is the person who creates intuitive programs that boosts customer experience with brand leverage compelling websites in the eyes of the user.

What Responsibilities a UI Designer Has to Fulfil?

The following are the responsibilities of the UI Designer:

  • Improvising the overall appearance of the product on the website.
  • Building lag-free experience around the product on the business webpage.
  • Ensuring the interaction with the consumer remains flawless.
  • Designing an aesthetic layout that makes any website stand out from its competitors.
  • Tracking Human Computer Interactions (HCI) elements of a design.

What is the Difference Between UI & UX Designer Salary?

The positions are highly technical and require any candidate to hold a technical grab of specific skills. People with experience may get a good hike or pay bands in the US. Our team of professionals has updated UI & UX designers’ salary statistics. So take a look and plan your career accordingly.

UX Designer Salary

The pay Scale is the most crucial part of any job. When it comes to technical positions, pay slabs are generally acceptable. When we speak of UI Designer Pay Scale, here are a few references: Average Salary (per year): $76, 261

UI Designer Salary

UI Designers are always trending, and people holding a solid grab of representing any essential product with aesthetic designs may churn a good amount as Salary. A glance over the average pay in the US is stated below.

Average Salary (per year): $84, 354

The Salary may be different from the UX Designer posts. Sometimes it can be high, and other times it can be low. It all depends upon the skill set needed for the position in a company.

Final Words:
These were the significant differences between UI & UX Design profiles. As a result, one can easily anticipate the career, future growth, and skills needed to become one. If you have any other queries, you can drop an email at our Our technical team will reach you within 24 hours.