CodeArrest Softwares Private Limited


Aesthetic Designs for Compelling Businesses.

Codearrest has a team of professionals that brings the most appealing designs for your business. Our team utilizes high-end graphics and templates to bring swift audience response and scalability. We have 11+ years of experience in building eye catchy websites or mobile apps for users.

Not only this, we have certified designers who put their 100% effort & skills to make any web or mobile app beautiful to the eyes and appealing to businesses. Codearrest also deals in customizing your design needs. You can share your imagination and we can provide you with the best-in-class customized solutions.

What Services Do We Offer in Web Design?

Logo & Branding

The logo represents any business identity. Thus, our team utilizes bold hues & patterns that speak 1000 words for your business. Our design captures the audience’s eyes and brings stable business opportunities to your organizations.

Product Catalogs

A business is not a business until it has its catalog or brochure. Codearrest has a team of the finest designers who hold expertise in building some compelling brochures, catalogs, etc. For businesses. The information is beautifully presented and that attracts opportunities.

UI/UX Design

We provide the most significant yet delightful web designs and UI/UX to our clients. We have front-end UI/UX designers who put their skills and dedication into delivering some out-of-the-box business designs. The designs are user-friendly and smart just like our designers.

Diligent Designs for Sophisticated Businesses

We deliver some aesthetic web designs for your businesses that bring scalability & user attention simultaneously.

A Quick Tour of Our Designing Process


We keep track of our client’s requirements and plan our design accordingly. We share unique design & constructive templates to drive growth & success in your organization.

Design of the Project

We share intuitive designs that build your brand and promote products & services. The designs are alluring & grab everyone’s eye on the business.

Prototype Building

The next phase is to construct a prototype that offers a picture of your business and also represents your product & services in a significant manner.

Project Deployment

The team then confirms the accuracy of the project and deploys the project on the respective platform. 

Q/A Testing

Then we make sure that the product development does not contain any bug, error, or any kind of latency.

Project Deployment

The team then confirms the accuracy of the project and deploys the project on the respective platform.