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Quality Assurance

Quality Is Not a Parameter. It Is the Premise

In the light of digitalization, Quality Assurance is what makes any business a brand. With the growing digital landscape, it is important to build trust and serve quality in the projects. Codearrest is among those reliable names, who are known to build some trustworthy and most quality certified solutions.

We have a panel of Quality Assurance experts, who work all day long to maximum quality and minimize bugs. Every project is analyzed with eagle eyes, leaving no bug or error behind. Our QA team has certified candidates, who are skilled enough to detect hidden errors and deliver some high-class, authentic solutions.

What Do We Offer in Quality Assurance Services?

Performance Testing

At Codearrest, we make sure that our projects are the most effective and can be easily aligned with the existing software. Moreover, we work on speed, performance, and responsiveness. After qualifying through these parameters, our quality assurance is considered complete.

Automation Testing

Automation testing means checking up on effectiveness and efficiency of the product so developed. These are best for testing the application or contact form on the website or mobile apps, loading, and balancing of the app.

Functional Testing

It is among the top segments of testing which indicates functional areas of the app. With the help of this testing, we ensure that the app would work flawlessly and drive great business leads to the organizations. It also keeps an eye on the reoccurring bugs.

Inventive Quality Assurance Services

We develop highly authentic and quality assured projects here!

How Do We Perform Quality Assurance of a Project?


Firstly, we analyze the grounds on which our quality assurance services will be provided. We go with the flow and same is intimated to the client.


Every executed step is well planned in advance. We make sure that our quality assurance moves step-by-step and leaves no errors & bugs.


Now, we construct a layout wherein we indicate the whole quality assurance process. Everyone follows the parameter to carry out swift quality assurance.


Execution is, we start checking the project on quality backgrounds. We check effectiveness, scalability, performance, etc. Parameters in our execution.

Report Defects

After executing the quality checks, we start providing the bugs & errors. Any abnormal functioning, speed issues, lagging, etc. are provided to the development team.

Run Retests

Once the bug and errors so derived settled, we again run retesting on the project. It then provides the same or different issue (if any) on the app or software.

Release Tests

The final phase is the release test which is done when QA declares no bug, no error report to the higher authorities. Afterwards, the team deploys the software or app.